How Fans Accentuate the Looks of a Stylish Cooking Areas in Your Home

A lot of thought goes into planning the layout of a kitchen, including decorating features that may involve the use of a modern ceiling fans by The Modern Fan Co. It is not for nothing that they say the kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the home. What comes to mind in this regard is the stove, sink, and fridge area. These units are very close to each other and feature various work surfaces next to them.

Another main concern concerning the design of the kitchen is that doors should not in any way interfere with the safe operation of various appliances. Also, no major traffic patterns should go through the basic work triangle we mentioned earlier on.

It is perceived as a brilliant idea to place tall cabinets just outside the work triangle as the food preparation area should be between the stove and sink, linked only by an extended working surface. The working surface between these two is the most trodden area and therefore the busiest.

What are your options concerning kitchen sinks?

The layout should be planned very well around your kitchen sink area for various reasons. Allowing reputed building contractors to furnish you with proper building plans where a lot of consideration was given to workspaces in the kitchen area to include the integration of modern cooling fans, would be an intelligent move.

Say your kitchen will only have one sink, then you should think of locating it adjacent to the cooking surface and fridge. What is more, you should include a kitchen countertop right next to the sink for food preparation purposes. Also, the dishwasher should be placed as close as you possibly can to the cleanup area. Make provision for two waste receptacles; one near the preparation area and another for recyclable materials elsewhere.

Ensure your kitchen sink is big enough to handle bulky items such as roasting pans while allowing ample space for a work surface on either side of the bowl. Make life easier for yourself by allowing space for a slide-over draining board as well as a water purification system. It is suggested you position the kitchen sink on an outer wall underneath a window or have it installed in an island where it faces into the room.

Choosing Your Kitchen Taps

Construction companies have connections in all the right places with regards to wholesalers who have a massive variety of taps and mixers in all sorts of finishes and combinations. You may even want to consider kitchen mixers that feature retractable hand sprays.

Where is the Best Place to Position Your Kitchen Stove?

One issue that some folks seem to struggle with is where to place the kitchen stove?

Even with a narrow kitchen, one should never fit the stove in a corner or near the door area as someone may bump you while you’re busy cooking. Make an allowance for at least 20-inches of space between the back of the unit and the wall as well as enough workspace on either side for pots and hot dishes. If possible, the sink and hob should be on the same run rather than opposite each other.

For safety reasons, never position the cooking surface under a window. Furthermore, any fabrics close to the cooking surface should be flame-retardant with a fire extinguisher nearby. The kitchen island is an excellent way to encourage social activity as you can share the latest news with your friends while busy preparing a meal.

Kitchen Layouts Discussed

The shape of your room and ceiling fans will determine the best shape to be utilized for your new kitchen. Excellent organization and proper planning is key to a functional kitchen. The process of getting food from your fridge, working in a cooler area during hot days, then preparing and cooking it should follow a logical sequence.

The Galley Kitchen

Narrow areas will do well with this type of design as all appliances will be arranged down the length of one wall. If the area is slightly wider, then there should be no problem in having two parallel working areas. Building contractors will tell you that the galley kitchen needs to be streamlined to accommodate fitted units. In essence, the whole wall area, right from the floor to the ceiling should be utilized to save space. This is why smaller type of modern fans need to be installed to accentuate the decor.

The single wall kitchen is the only layout where you do not require a work triangle, which you will commonly find in loft apartments. Other layouts favored, include the U-Shaped Kitchen, The Island Kitchen, and the L-Shaped Kitchen. You should discuss your needs with your local building contractor to source the ideal design solution for an integrated kitchen.